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Mānuka Hydrosol 4L (Bulk)

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Introducing our Pure Mānuka Hydrosol

Gentle and Refreshing - Unveil the ultimate addition to your skincare and well-being rituals with our artisanal, small-batch Mānuka Hydrosol, sustainably sourced and wild harvested from our patch of forest in South Westland, New Zealand.

Expert Distillation Process - Our process captures the essence of the powerful Mānuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium) in a water-based form, ensuring a product brimming with beneficial properties and a subtle, captivating aroma.

Unique Attributes & Cosmetic Applications
-Soothing Mānuka Hydrosol gently calms irritated and sensitive skin, making it ideal for use in facial toners and mists.
-Hydrating Its natural humectant properties help retain moisture in the skin, perfect for adding a hydration boost to your skincare routine.
-Clarifying Mānuka Hydrosol can help refresh and balance your skin, assisting in maintaining a healthy complexion.

Suitable for All Skin Types - Experience the allure of Mānuka as it gently revitalises your skin and promotes a healthy complexion. Our gentle hydrosol caters to all skin types and can be seamlessly incorporated into your favourite skincare products.

Incorporate into Self-Care Rituals - Add a few drops to your favourite moisturiser, blend it with other natural ingredients for a customised facial mist, or use as a soothing aftershave. Create DIY beauty concoctions, such as personalised facial toners, body sprays, or hair care treatments.

Eco-Conscious Beauty Collection - Elevate your skincare game with our Pure Mānuka Hydrosol, a must-have addition to any modern, eco-conscious beauty collection.

Always follow proper usage guidelines and consult with a professional if you have concerns or questions about using hydrosol products.